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Frequently Asked Questions about Hwang's Martial Arts "Pronounced Wong's"

****Our St. Matthews Campus will no longer be offering Taekwondo sessions**** 

1) New clients only or those who have not visited in 2 months. This also includes the library pass students, quickstart, passes, etc. You are not able to combine any offers, it will be one or the other.

2) Must use the 10 class pack within 3 months (180 days of purchase).

Do I need to make an appointment?

You do not need an appointment. Just download the registration page, fill it out, and bring it with you along with your groupon about 10  minutes prior to your class.

What are the class times? 

Our class times vary by location:

·         Jeffersontown: Monday - Thursday 5:45PM

·         East End (Westport Road): Monday - Thursday 5:50PM

·         Okolona: Monday & Wednesday 6:10PM. Tuesday & Thursday 5:30PM

·         St. Matthews: Not offering sessions at the St. Matthews location. Please attend the Westport/Hurstbourne location that is closest. 

We are fortunate to have a dedicated full time staff, so our beginner classes run daily year-round. Classes run 40 minutes. Taekwondo also offers good cross training with other sports and activities.You would choose however many classes a week depending on your schedule. For example: unlimited classes for the month means you could potentially come 4 days a week (attending every beginner level class).

 What is the attire? Do I need to purchase a uniform? 

Please be sure to wear anything comfortable to move around in. T-shirts and shorts are preferred. No need to purchase anything. Try out our classes at Hwang's Martial Arts at no obligation to continue if you do not like it.

 Can I do this with my children? 

YES! We live by, "The family that kicks together, sticks together." We highly encourage parents to participate in the classes.  Your participation will help your children progress more rapidly in their training, plus Taekwondo is a great form of exercise and a stress reliever. We have many adults and parents who participate in the classes.

A testimonial by E. Wooton about her training at Hwang's:

 "My family, which is three generation, has been training at Hwangs Martial Arts for three years.  We originally joined for exercise and to encourage our son to have more confidence. Our time here has been wonderful, we have not only built friendships that last will last a lifetime, but because we are able to participate as a family,  have been able to create memories that we will share for generations to come. Thank you Hwang's Martial Arts, for what you have helped us achieve as individuals and as a family, we look forward in continuing our journey."

 How young can my child be to start, and can older people do it too? 

We start at age 3 and have students as "young" as 67 years old! Our program focuses more on the health and wellness instead of the high impact sport aspect of Taekwondo. There are many benefits for anyone who trains in Taekwondo at Hwang's Martial Arts such as respect, weight loss, focus, and much more.

Hwang’s hosts a great community of people of all different backgrounds such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, office admins, students, etc. It may not be for everyone, but we encourage you try a month and see if our program and academy is suited for you and your goals!

 Will I be put in a class with all beginners? 

Yes! The class times outlined are for beginners ONLY. Within the beginner classes, we will cover proper warm-up, basic techniques, and end with a great workout! Depending on how many children and adults are in the classes, we have a large training mat area that we will divide by age group to help focus more on targeted needs. Typically the groups will be 3-6 year olds, 7-12 year olds, and adults. 

 Is martial arts violent?  Will training cause me or my child to be more violent? Is it safe?

Safety is top priority at Hwang's Martial Arts, and we do NOT promote violence in any way. Many students have been referred to us by medical associates to help with channeling anger/focus in a positive environment. We absolutely do not train in any contact "combat" during the beginner classes. If there happens to be a contact made by sparring, we are strictly a LIGHT contact sport academy.

In our beginner classes, we teach students about respect first. You may hear the instructor mention, "doing Taekwondo does not mean we can chop and kick our mom's coffee table." :)  If you do see a negative change, please let your instructor know, and we can always have a friendly chat about when to use martial arts properly. 

How much is it? 

The value on the Groupon is an accurate account of how much classes will be if you choose to continue. We have many different payment options to help a family continue in the program, including family discounts. We also have many different choices when it comes to continuing in our program, which will vary on cost, such as our after school program, summer camp, blue belt program, black belt program, etc.

On average, the classes can run as low as $12/class - $20/class depending on payment plans, attendance weekly, and program level. Our academy's enrollment director will be able to answer any questions, but most importantly see if our program will be suitable for you/your child before you commit to anything. Please be sure to mention scheduling an appointment with the enrollment director at your academy to talk about our continuing options. 

What makes Hwang's Martial Arts different? 

Hwang's Martial Arts is owned and ran by the Hwang Family. Even with 4 locations in Louisville, Hwang's Martial Arts is still a local Louisville small business. The Hwang family members work full-time, and have committed their lives to the martial arts and the community. Grandmaster Hwang, CEO, holds a silver medal from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic games, and has over 25 years experience in the martial arts and operating the company. Grandmaster Hwang is actively involved in the business operations as well as managing classes at the East End Academy. Now, with four locations in Louisville, Hwang’s Martial Arts shares in its growth. Members give time, money, support, and services to the local community.

We pride ourselves in having an amazing community of people. Hwang's Martial Arts has created a family-like culture. Aside from the Taekwondo program, Hwang's Martial Arts also provides a variety of programs such as Judo and Hapkido, birthday parties, all day summer camp, winter/spring break camp, after school program, and parent date nights all under one roof!

We have a proven approach to training. Our Taekwondo and other programs and have graduated thousands of black belts since 1986. Our facilities are conveniently located, spotlessly clean, and we use the highest quality mats instead of carpet for safety. 

We are more than just kicking and punching. Aside from the benefits of martial arts training, Hwang's Martial Arts incorporates community service within our program. Hwang’s gives back to the Louisville community in a big way! Below are a few of the accomplishments we have achieved with efforts reaching from our 800+ student body.

Each year we host two big events. One is an annual charity event that brings in 1500 people, the other is an international tournament which brings in many out of town guests to Louisville. Grandmaster Hwang has made it his mission to help and give back to our local charities in Louisville. As students, there are so many opportunities throughout the year to volunteer. Hwang's Martial Arts has a volunteering program incorporated into our curriculum and academies so students can get involved to another level.

  • Adopt-a-highways
  • Donation of over 4 tons of canned food to homeless shelters such as Wayside Christian Mission and Kentucky Harvest 
  • Jefferson County Public School 2nd graders Physical Education 5-week free program
  • Newly named playroom at Kosair Children's Hospital St. Matthews
  • Donated over $320,000 to WHAS Crusade for Children
  • Donated over $88,000 to the Children's Hospital Foundation that supports Kosair Children's Hospital
  • Have won numerous awards at the Republic Bank Pegasus Parade (We build our own float and walk in the parade before Derby time)
  • Countless hours serving food at local homeless shelters 
  • Hosted annual charity event, run by volunteer, since 1999 
  • Donations to the Jefferson County Public Education Foundation
  • Partnered with the JCPS Everyone Reads program
  • And many more! 

Ready to experience why everyone loves Hwang's Martial Arts? Download and fill out the registration form here, bring it in, and be prepared to have fun! 

Still have more questions? No problem. Simply shoot us an email with which location to or view our fun facebook page.

Happy Kicking, 



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